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About Dog Walking Clayton

Are you looking for dog walkers near Clayton South, VIC? We guarantee to care for your precious four-legged friends with highly experienced and police-checked pet lovers!

Instead of worrying about who can watch your furball during the day, we are committed to providing the best dog-walking experience. We specialize in pet minding and taking care of multiple dogs at once–so all canine members in the family will be in good hands.

Finding the right dog walker can significantly impact your pup’s quality of life. That’s why we strive to provide reliable and professional services here at Dog Walking Clayton in the southern community.

We offer various services, including dog walking, pet sitting, kennel boarding, and more! We also support the injured and retired pups of our local police force by providing free training and ongoing services.

Our commitment to crafting and customizing the perfect care plan for any customer has earned us dozens of positive reviews across multiple platforms.

Call us today and let our pet-sitting experts look after your pup for an enjoyable and safe walking experience.

What We Do

Dog Walking Clayton offers professional dog walking services in Clayton and its surroundings, providing your pet with friendly companionship and physical activity at competitive rates.

Not just that, we even welcome cats, so incase you have both a cat and a dog, this could be the perfect match for you! At our business, your pet always comes first!

Our customers are devoted dog owners in need of assistance with daily walks for their furry friends to ensure they get the exercise needed to stay fit and healthy.

With our reliable and secure online booking system, you can easily schedule the best dog walkers near you that suit your budget and your requirements. Why not give yourself time by trusting our company with your pup’s daily exercise needs?

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Pooch Pathways

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Certified Canine Companions

Our team consists of trained professionals, each certified in pet first aid and CPR. Your furry friend’s safety, health, and happiness are our top priorities during every adventurous walk.

Flexible Fido-Friendly Schedules

We understand life gets busy! That’s why Dog Walking Clayton offers adaptable scheduling options. Your pup will enjoy walks and playtime at times that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

Real-Time Rover Reports

Stay connected with your dog’s walking adventure! Receive real-time updates, photos, and reports. Witness their tail-wagging happiness and explore the world through their excited, sniffing nose, virtually!

Paw-sitive Reinforcement

Every walk is a mix of fun and learning at Dog Walking Clayton. We use positive reinforcement techniques to promote good behavior, enhancing your dog’s social and listening skills.

Bonding Bow-Wow Walks

We’re not just walkers, but friends to your pups! Our walkers build meaningful relationships with each dog, ensuring walks are filled with trust, comfort, and heaps of tail-wagging fun.


Our Services

Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding is a service where your pet can stay with a qualified and experienced Dog Walker while you’re away. Our Pet Boarders provide comfortable accommodations for your pet, daily walks and plenty of playtimes. So you can enjoy your time away knowing that your pup is safe and being looked after.

lady feeding the dog
dog walker walking a pack of dogs

Group Walks

If you’re looking for a great way to give your pup much-needed exercise and mental stimulation, search for dog walkers near Clayton VIC. Our group walking service might be the perfect option!

We take small groups of dogs on hour-long walks around local parks, helping them to bond with other dogs and get plenty of fresh air.

Private Walks

Book a private walk with one of our best dog walkers. If you want some solo time for your pup? Our private walking service offers a great solution. Here, your dog can receive the attention and exercise they need without going to the crowded dog park.

Your dog can enjoy some one-on-one points in peace and comfort. With our private walking service, you get complete flexibility and control when it comes to ensuring your pet gets quality care and has fun along the way.

walking the dog outdoors
happy dogs on the couch

House Sitting

We also offer house-sitting services if you’re away for a few days. Our experienced pet sitters will stay in your home and tend to your pup’s needs, ensuring that they have regular meals, plenty of attention and companionship.

Pet Daycare

We provide a unique opportunity for pet owners seeking reliable, top-notch care, so their beloved furry friends are always in good hands! We provide a safe, enjoyable environment for dogs and cats alike and peace of mind that your pet is in capable hands.

If you need somewhere safe and secure for your pup during the day, then worry no more. Your pup can come and stay at our facility during the day, where they’ll get plenty of playtime and socialization with other pets.

dog training
dog getting a hair cut

Pet Grooming

Do you have pets that you need grooming? Look no further – our company provides pet grooming services, allowing your furry companions to look their best.

Dog grooming – from bathing and brushing to ear cleaning, nail trimming and more – is only one of our company’s excellent services here in Clayton Vic. We invite you to read some client reviews to learn more about how satisfied our customers are with our pet grooming offerings!

Pet Taxi

Dog Walking Clayton also offers pet taxi services if you need help getting your pup to and from the vet or groomer. We’ll pick up your pup and take them where they need to go, then bring them back home when they’re done.

dog inside a car

How it works

We want to make our process as easy as possible for you.


We Provide You A Competitive Quote

We gurantee the best prices in town.


Once Approved, Book Us In To Do The Work

We will send our best people around at a time that suits you.

Frequently asked questions

A dog walking service can provide your pup with much-needed physical activity, mental stimulation and company. It’s also a great way to free up more time in your day so you can focus on other tasks or enjoy some downtime.

Pet boarding is a great option when you’re away and can’t bring your pup. It provides a comfortable, safe and secure environment for your pet while giving them plenty of attention, exercise and playtime.

Group walks typically last around an hour, depending on the group’s needs. Our Dog Walkers are always happy to adjust the duration and route depending on the energy levels of the pets in their care.

At Dog Walking Clayton’s pet daycare, your pup will get plenty of playtimes, socialization and exercise with other pets. We also provide meals, snacks, and regular breaks for relaxation.

We offer a full range of professional grooming services, including baths, trimming and brushing to keep your pup looking its best. Our experienced groomers are always happy to discuss any special requests you may have.

Our experienced team are passionate about ensuring that your pup is looked after with love and care while giving you peace of mind that they’re safe and happy. We provide a comprehensive range of pet care services to suit all types of pets and owners. We also offer competitive weekly rates, making it easier for you to budget for your pup’s care. So, let us take the stress out of pet care and give you more time to enjoy life with your furry friend!

If you’d like to get started with Dog Walking Clayton’s services, fill out the contact form on our website. We offer a free consultation to discuss your pup’s needs in detail and develop a customized plan for their care.

Yes, we offer discounts for multiple pets from the same family. Just get in touch with us to discuss your individual needs, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a tailored package and discount.

At Dog Walking Clayton, the safety and well-being of your pup is always our top priority. All our services are provided by experienced professionals passionate about animal care. We also adhere to all necessary safety protocols and have comprehensive insurance in case of any accidents or incidents.

Yes, we have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers any accidents or incidents while walking your dog(s). This ensures that you and your pup are protected in the unlikely event of an incident.

Yes, you are welcome to provide any food and water bowls, leashes, or toys your pup may need during their walk. However, if you don’t have these items available, we will provide them. Kindly let us know ahead of time so we can bring the necessary supplies.

Our Dog Walkers work with you to create a schedule that meets your pup’s needs. Generally, we recommend at least one daily walk for every four hours of confinement (so if your pup is confined for 8 hours, they should have two walks). The minimum duration of each walk session is 30 minutes.

However, our experienced Dog Walkers can adjust the duration of walks to suit your pup’s needs. We also offer extended walk sessions for more active pups that need additional exercise. So no matter your pup’s exercise requirements, our Dog Walkers can provide a tailored solution to meet their needs.

Let's talk

Dog Walking Clayton will indeed have something to fit your pet's needs! We offer excellent services, such as Pet Boarding, Group Walks, Private Walks, House Sitting, Pet Daycare, Pet Grooming, and even a Pet Taxi. Our goal is to ensure that your beloved pet gets the quality care it deserves. With us by your side, you can be sure your pet will get their walks on time with full attention paid to personal safety at all times.

At Dog Walking Clayton, we believe every furry family member should receive the same love and respect as every other family member. Hence, rest assured knowing that you're getting a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing exceptional care for your pet.

We are confident we can help cater to your and your pet's needs, whether big or small. So make sure to speak to our friendly staff - we await your call!